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We've worked with Venture Capital and Private Equity fund management companies and know how to support you whilst driving down costs.  Sometimes we can add support to the in-house team in a fund management company and sometimes we are drafted in to assist a portfolio company when the going gets tough or when timely communications are key.  Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss a package to suit you and your investee company's needs.

Venture Capital, Private Equity and Mezzanine Finance (Intermediate Capital) all have their own ways of doing business.  It helps if you have worked in a fund management company to understand the ways these different vehicles operate and which press to target with updates.




At Generator PR we have worked in house assisting fund management companies to pinpoint stories and increase their positive media coverage across TV, Radio, Broadsheet and Broadcast media.    We also work closely with the media when a portfolio suffers a loss often due to outside influences beyond your control. 




Portfolio company support


Often, portfolio companies with fresh investment are saddled with PR costs from 'legacy' agencies that are rarely needed. We can cut through the waste and offer a dedicated PR service that provides you with ongoing support but without an excessive monthly retainer.   




We have worked with Consumer Tech, Pharma, Media, Lifestyle and other start up companies all with a unique and interesting story to tell. 


Services we offer include:




·         Press briefings to raise awareness of activity


·         Crisis Management and 24 hour press office support


·         Strategic plan and review of existing PR to maximise support


·         Awareness around PLC communication limitations


·         Venture Capital and Private Equity PR support

·         Press releases to support new investments


·         Press briefings and events (investor group activity)


·         Crisis management and strategic advice


·         Support and advice for portfolio companies to maximise their PR


·         Damage limitation


·         Portfolio Company Support (PCS)


·         We will lower your existing retainer and still provide solid PR support


·         Press releases on new products, appointments


·         New angles to build media awareness and further coverage


·         Able to hit the ground running whilst injecting new life into your PR


·         Work closely with other agencies and in house staff


·         Crisis Management


·         Web copy and features



      And to keep a check on your PR costs, look at our BreathEasy tm PR concept under our 'starting out with PR' tab.






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